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Architectural Firm Bookkeeping

As an architect you have to see the 'big picture' when designing and constructing homes, office buildings, and investment properties. You need to think creatively in order to produce the right design and navigate your way through the planning and execution processes. On top of that, you’re tasked with juggling all of the other facets that running a business entails - including the financials. Despite your best efforts, your bookkeeping responsibilities sometimes take a backseat to your revenue-generating priorities. Let’s be real. Accounting isn’t your passion. But it is mine. My experience partnering with architects has given me knowledge of industry best practices and the necessary skills to bring valuable insight to your firm. We will work together to customize your invoices and invoicing process, track project profitability, and ensure you are capturing & billing all out-of-scope services. My ultimate goal: take the essential but burdensome accounting work off your plate so you can focus on daily operations and doing the work you love.

Starting at $550 / month


• Initial discovery call & one-month follow up call

• Once / month invoicing

• Weekly check in to respond to or forward any client questions re: invoices

• A/R management

• Monthly categorization of expenses + reconciliation

• Quarterly financial reviews or general check-ins (P&L, Year over Year, fixed phase profitability report, what’s new?, any new pain points we can work to fix, etc)

• Annual coordination with CPA for tax filing

Need something a bit more customized?  Contact me to discuss your unique needs

Sample Package:

“I’m pretty embarrassed that I haven’t invoiced them in so long.  I’ll be so glad to just get on a schedule and hand invoicing over to you!”

"I was just on the phone with E- and we were talking about how you are just the BEST. You are so direct and good at what you do. I hope you have a great weekend."

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