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You launched out on your own - maybe you’ve landed a few clients or you’ve started your website, maybe you’ve just got the idea and the energy!  In any case, I will work to be your partner and guide through the early stages so you can enjoy the excitement of pursuing your dream without the fear and doubt that comes from being out there alone.


I’ll help you set up your invoicing processes, explore which types of payments you’d like to accept, figure out whether tracking hours is important to you or not and make sure you’ve verbalized your specific 3 month / one year etc goals.

Initial Questionnaire to cover the basics (invoicing, payroll vs contractors, contracts?, marketing strategy, software?)- this will help me establish where you are in your journey and what your most immediate support needs are

Included in this package:

Set up or review of accounting software - what metrics are important to you?  How often would you like to review them?  Exploring these questions will help me to customize your company file to track the level of detail that matters to you

General business advice - should I hire employees immediately?  Do I need to rent out an office or should I work from home?  As I become familiar with your goals and your financials, we can talk through various what if? scenarios enabling you to make confident and informed decisions (and avoid missteps!)

Monthly Check-ins - new business evolve rapidly!  We’ll schedule monthly screenshares to make sue I’m up-to-date on the latest wins and we can work through any struggles as they arise


Packages start at $550 / month with a 3 month minimum

"Got it. And THAT is why you are the bookkeeper and I am NOT! Thank you.  

This makes sense. My math was off."

- Independent Consultant, LLC client

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